How Do I Know When My Playstation 4 Controller Is Charging?

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  • DLL files are “library files” used to store functions that every Windows application can access and use.
  • It’s worked solidly up until yesterday when it suddenly stopped charging my controllers.
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So you may happen to have a 2nd generation DualShock 4 and never realized it. For instance, Apple iPads come with a charging brick that’s rated at 20w, versus the 4w you get from plugging directly into the system. It will shock you how quickly a 20w charging brick with a micro-USB plugged into it will boost your charging speed. Charging your PS4 controller is straightforward. The simplest way to do so is with a USB cable .

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It’s not unusual for a PS4 controller to not charge. Luckily, this usually isn’t a sign of a serious problem. Once you troubleshoot your controller, you should be read able to get it to charge again. You can use any type of micro-B USB cable to charge a Dual Shock 4. Cleaning your DualShock 4 with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton thread. Give the controller a chance to fully dry before you connect it again. If your controller was exposed to a liquid you may be able to solve performance issues by giving it a good cleaning.

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